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Michael Dunn Master Chocolate Maker~French Collection

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Price: $48.00

A curated set of six pochette wrapped chocolate bars, made by Michael Dunn in the classic French style.

The French Collection includes:
  • 33% White Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla. Tasting Notes: Luscious milk, cream and butter notes wrapped up in a bouquet of vanilla.
  • 41% Triple Milk Chocolate. Tasting Notes: Rich milk and creamy caramel notes with a dark chocolate end.
  • 98% Dark Chocolate Midnight Blend. Tasting Notes: Begins with intense dark chocolate,young banana, a bit of peanut butter, then abruptly changes into cheddar cheese, then cheese and crackers, ending on banana.
  • 58% Dark Chocolate Mild Sweet Blend. Tasting Notes: Cool mouthfeel, subtle notes of vanilla, soft brightness, light note of fruit, nice chocolate finish.
  • 65% Dark Chocolate Semi Sweet Blend. Tasting Notes: Cold beginning, light fruity, bold chocolate notes and bright throughout with a clean vanilla finish.
  • 70% Dark Chocolate Bittersweet Blend. Tasting Notes: Deep complex chocolate, spicy notes, cinnamon pie cherry finish.

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Michael Dunn Master Chocolate Maker~French Collection