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Ebirds Perfect Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

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The most perfectly balanced peppermint chocolate cookie, guaranteed! Each cookie is completely enrobed in rich dark chocolate with a layer of pepperminted white chocolate nestled inside. Award-winning and our hands-down most loved cookie of all time. In the early nineties our then eleven-year old daughter Estee created "Ebird's Perfect Peppermint Chocolate Cookies", which we introduced to the Specialty Coffee trade in America. We've made more than 72 million Ebird's, including 2 million which were served to passengers on Alaska Airlines 70th anniversary flights. 12 oz. (About 12 Cookies)

The Ebird's Story

While watching me make chocolate one day, my daughter Estee, then eleven years old, was working with her own set of ingredients. Estee took our crunchy butter cookie, spread a thin layer of pepperminted white chocolate on top, and smothered it with rich velvety dark chocolate. She said, "Look Mom! It's Perfect!" Indeed!

With very little fine tuning we had a cookie unlike any other. Our challenge to name this luscious confection proved simple. Since the day she was born, Estee's Dad has called her "Estee-Bird." Hence... Ebird's Perfect Peppermint Chocolate Cookie, the essence of all things peppermint!

With Estee's nickname on every cookie, you know they are created with care and sealed with love! Enjoy!

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Ebirds Perfect Peppermint Chocolate Cookies