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Rosie's Favorite Apple!

About Rachel Dunn

Rachel started in the chocolate business in 1984 making fresh confections in her Oregon home kitchen with her husband Michael. She would pick fresh blackberries by the creek and sketch drawings at night of beautiful chocolates she wanted to create the next day. Michael hand crafted tools and equipment that didn't exist, and immediately their fresh and interesting confections gained fans.

With their young daughter Estee in the backseat, Rachel would drive a 200 mile radius weekly to deliver chocolates to her growing customer base. In 1986, Rachel and Michael decided to move to the San Francisco Bay Area to expand the business. And indeed it did, with their very first California customer being Saks Fifth Avenue on Post and Powell!

What started as fresh and interesting became important and meaningful, as the company began serving US Presidents, royalty, Grammy-award winning artists and people everywhere who seek and appreciate fine foods.

Both Rachel and Michael are passionate about teaching others how to work with chocolate, and since 2013, over 60,000 guests have attended class inside the factory, working with Michael Dunn's craft made bean to bar couverture chocolate. (And THAT is it's own amazing story, click here to learn about the chocolate!)

Rachel's work has been heralded by great food authorities including Williams-Sonoma, The Food Network, Alice Medrich and other notable professional pastry chefs, and has been published in Inc. Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Diablo Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Fancy Food Magazine. She and her chocolates have been on the TV shows Oprah, QVC, The Rosie O'Donnell Show(s) and the iconic Central Perk set of 'Friends'.

She says "We use real, wholesome, un-messed-with ingredients, and our business is about people connecting with other people through our beautiful chocolates."

Rachel began the company as honest as that, and today the expanded company reaches their employees, customers, farmers and suppliers alike.

Next time you visit California, come by and tour our Chocolate Tasting Room, and look through the factory viewing windows to see what we're making. It's always fun and memorable!

All our best,
Rachel & Mike Dunn and the Dunn Family

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